Pain-Free Beauty With Nitrous Oxide

People often say “Pain is Beauty” – but this doesn’t have to be true! Fear of pain, and specifically fear of needles is often cited as the #1 reason people choose not to get Botox, Fillers, or other aesthetic procedures. In fact – one of the most common questions we get in our office: “Will it hurt?”

Well now the answer can finally be “No!”. RESTOR Medical Spa is pleased to be one of the first cosmetic centers in the country to offer Pro-Nox – an FDA approved revolutionary device that allows you to have any type of cosmetic treatment without any discomfort. Pro-Nox delivers a mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) to help alleviate pain and anxiety during a treatment.

Pro-Nox is essentially the same anesthesia you would get at the dentists office, but at a much lower concentration. It has been described as feeling of mild euphoria – like you’ve had a few glasses of wine. It is totally self-administered – so you can control exactly how much pain relief you need from moment to moment. Feeling too “woozy”? simply stop taking breaths from the machine. If you are noticing pain coming back – simply take another couple of breaths. Each 2-3 breaths will give you about 5 minutes of freedom from pain and anxiety. Who says that getting your Botox can’t be fun? The best part – 10 minutes after your procedure you will be completely clear-headed and able to drive yourself home!

So don’t let fear of needles or pain stop you from looking your best this summer! Come to RESTOR and experience totally pain-free beauty!

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