Better with Age: Brooke’s Kybella Treatment

–by Guest Blogger:  Brooke Jones

I’m going to be honest. The double-chin is the one thing I have the biggest issue with (and have for years) on my body. I can’t stand to see a profile picture of me and I’m aware that I often talk to people while unconsciously holding my hand somewhere on my chin and neck area because I’m so self conscious about it. Everyone has that ‘one thing’ that bugs them about themselves and they wish they could just erase it. Well, the double-chin is my ‘one thing’.

So, as part of my care plan at Restor Medical Spa, I talked with Dr. Waples and we agreed that Kybella (deoxycolic acid) would be the best way to treat this problem area that bothers me so much.

The procedure took less than an hour. It started with the doctor talking to me about what to expect, applying some temporary marks on my neck and chin, icing the area to numb it, then injecting the deoxycolic acid. During the procedure, I was breathing Pro-Nox which helped with the pain of the injections (though, I’ll be honest… there was very little pain).

I had been eagerly awaiting this procedure and was really excited to get going today. After Dr. Waples marked my skin, she told me there would be a total of 27 injections. That had me a little nervous, but the injections took less than 15 minutes and I barely felt them. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. Between the Pro-Nox, icing, and the size of the tiny needles it was not at all painful.

As Dr. Waples warned me, the discomfort would come about 15-20 minutes after the procedure was complete. She was right. There was some pain and a burning sensation where she had done the injections. There is also a good amount of swelling, but I’m writing this blog post about four hours after the procedure and I’m feeling pretty good. I definitely feel tenderness where the Kybella was injected. It is quite sensitive and a little numb. The swelling makes me look and feel a little like a toad, but it’s normal and expected. The truth is, only people who know me and see me all the time will notice the swelling. To someone who’s never met me, I don’t think they would see it.

I expect a little bruising as I can already see a couple of spots that have discolored since this afternoon. Again, this is to be expected and will be easy to cover with a little concealer.

Overall, this was a pretty quick and simple procedure with very little pain or discomfort. I won’t see the full effect of it for at least a month, but I expect (and hope!) it will be worth it. I’ll keep you posted!

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