Better with Age: Half-Way thru the Care Plan

Since the beginning of November, I’ve had Microneedling RF for skin tightening, LaseMD, Kybella/Deoxycholic Acid for permanent fat reduction, and an IPL. While I can’t claim that any of it was particularly pleasant (these are medical treatments, not a “spa day”), I will say that none of it was as bad as I was prepared for. I have sensitive/fair skin. I bruise easily and I get sunburnt walking from the front door to the car. So, I expected to see more redness and/or bruising than most people. That being said, I have been surprised at how minor it has been and how quickly it passes.

The most noticeable difference I’ve seen has come from the Kybella/Deoxycholic Acid to permanently reduce fat under my chin. It’s amazing! I was not convinced it was going to work as I kept looking at my chin and neck a month after the treatment. It really did take two months for me to see the change, but now I feel like a totally different person. I’ve lost my double chin and I saw myself in a profile photo the other day (which was my most hated photo angle). I actually felt like I looked pretty good in the photo! That’s saying a lot, folks. All I can say is – Kybella is TOTALLY worth it.  Frankly, I’m imagining all the places on my body that I want to have this treatment (which is totally possible)!

I had dinner with a friend the other night whom I haven’t seen in several months. She wasn’t aware that I’m doing these treatments so when she told me that I look great and…. hold on…. that I look 10 years younger, I was so happy! I knew that these treatments have been making a difference and someone who didn’t even know I was doing them could see real change.

I’ve still got more on my care plan including filler and Botox along with another round of Microneedling RF and LaseMD. So, being that I’m about halfway through the process, I can tell you that I’m thoroughly satisfied and looking forward to seeing the results. Stay tuned!

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