Is Kybella For Me?

Have you ever taken a selfie, caught yourself in profile, and thought to yourself, “Dear God – my neck looks like THAT?!?”

I certainly have. I have always had a double chin and really no jawline to speak of. No matter how much I worked out or how fit I was, that stubborn fat under my chin refused to leave. Surgery and liposuction seemed a little extreme, but there didn’t seem to be any other options.
The good news? Liposuction and a winning ticket from the genetic lottery may no longer be required for a sculpted, supermodel jawline! Now there is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and best of all, permanent solution: Deoxycholic Acid.

Deoxycholic Acid (a.k.a. Kybella) is a non-surgical injectable treatment that breaks down fat in our bodies, and can help us get that clean, sharp jawline we have always wanted. Hate the way your chin and neck look in pictures? Want to know if Deoxycholic Acid can help you? Let’s learn a little more about it.

Take your index finger and thumb, and gently pinch the skin under your chin. If your fingers meet, or if you can feel your fingertips pressing on one another through the skin, then there is probably not enough fat there to make Deoxycholic Acid a good choice for you. But if you have at least half an inch of distance between your fingers, then Deoxycholic Acid can dissolve your double chin and give you a clean jawline.
Wondering how it works? Basically, your body has a system for dissolving fat when it needs to. For example, if you run a marathon, your body senses it needs access to fat stores, and sends signals to the fat deposits in your body, instructing them to break down and release the fat into the bloodstream for your body to use.

The talented people at Allergan who brought us Botox, have isolated a molecule called deoxycholic acid, which tells your body to break down fat cells. The FDA has approved deoxycholic acid (under the brand name Kybella) to dissolve double chins.

Sounds amazing, right? But of course, there are a few considerations before blasting away that chin fat. First, recognize that the fat will take 4-8 weeks to dissolve. Second, the first week after your injections, you will have some swelling – enough that your friends may notice, unless you (unlike me) have a stylish collection of scarves or turtlenecks.

After that first week, you may still be able to notice some swelling, but most other people will not be able to tell. Your skin will also be mildly tender which gradually resolves in a couple of weeks. You will need three treatments (or sometimes a few more, depending on the amount of fat you are trying to dissolve).

So why not inject Deoxycholic Acid all over? Great Question! Check out our Body Sculpting page to find information about sculpting away stubborn fat anywhere on the body.

But the best part? Deoxycholic Acid is permanent. After you finish your course of treatment, you will never have a double chin again! Come call us at Restor to find out if Deoxycholic Acid is the right treatment for you.

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